Hello everybody! Hope you´re fine!

I´m looking for some Percussion Libraries and/or Loops.

They should fit into the average Pop-Music Style 4/4 Beat not to ethnic or related to only one Style. While Latin/Afro Styles fit often very well into the usual Pop-Music, i´m actually looking for something that covers a wider variety and isn´t too destinctive in it´s performance. Something where you can browse through different flavours and say:" Oh yes, this might just fit"

While mulitsamples aren´t probably a big problem regarding style (besides electro and acoustic stuff), loops might be. And I´d like to use loops as well because, i like the vibe that´s captured when recording a good percussion player playing the real instrument. It just sounds different than hammering the groove on the keyboard.

I´d just like to know what you guys would do, recommend and use in this scenario..