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Topic: GP2MPM.SYS causing crashes

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    GP2MPM.SYS causing crashes

    Anyone else experience this? I'm working along... suddenly, my machine wants to reboot or something. A few programs close, Giga wants to close. I tell it not to. Then I alt-tab over to Giga (3.12), and close it myself, and the screen goes black, the machine reboots.

    I log in again.. load up the ever-useful WinDbg, and find out that GP2MPM.SYS caused the crash. That dreaded Conexant driver that caused so many problems in Giga 2.5. GRRR!! Giga... it's a true love-hate relationship, I tell ya.

    EDIT: Oh.. and another weird tell-tale sign. After I log in.. and load up Giga, and load the performance file I was using.. the GigaPulse instances in my aux returns are gone. Yep. Even though I didn't save any changes, and I did NOT remove them. They just decided to leave. I sure hope Tascam support is good, because if this keeps up, I'm going to have to give them a call.

    Thought..maybe my Giga performance file is now corrupt and I should make a new one and reload all the instruments?
    Sam Hulick

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    Re: GP2MPM.SYS causing crashes

    Thanks for your reply on the panning thread.
    I had similar problems with performance files;
    Deleted all my performance files. Created a new template and "saved it as"
    making sure that I selected (bottom left side of the "save as" screen) save all GS environment and save it as default.
    When I start GS now, it is always this new tamplet. If I wish to go to an other performance file I open it. This takes extra time but I had no problems after doing this. Is it possible that you made your changes loading GPulse into the Aux and saved it but when you start again a default file is loaded which is gone poo-poo for some reason?
    Sorry, I promise I lay off medling ...

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    Re: GP2MPM.SYS causing crashes

    No, that's the weird part.. I didn't save/change anything. Creepy. Anyway, I already started a new perf. file from scratch and re-saved it over the old (possibly corrupt) one. No problems so far... knock on wood.
    Sam Hulick

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    Re: GP2MPM.SYS causing crashes

    It sounds like you guys are saying a new template will fix the gigapulse/aux problem . . . but does it help with the GP2MPM.SYS problem?

    On shutdown I get a bluescreen telling me that windows shut down to prevent damage and i should ignore it if it doesn't happen again . . . but it did.

    It said I can try a few things to fix the problem, but that I should pay attention to a driver if one is mentioned below, which is was:


    any ideas?

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    Re: GP2MPM.SYS causing crashes

    I wrote a post about power supply and cpu coolling for south's problem

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    Re: GP2MPM.SYS causing crashes

    I have the same problem of gigapulse being removed and the additional one of all my channel assignments lost, as well as eq, aux...basically the whole dsp side would never save with a performance.

    I reinstalled and now I get a total system freeze. I have to cold reboot, wait til the disable giga technology window comes up, select yes, wait a while and restart the cryptkey service after a lot of other error messages after the 2nd or third attempt I might finally get GS3.21 working!!

    What is going on!!!

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