In Sonar 3 PE when adjusting volume recently I openned the GPO K-player instance, clicked on the instance and the sound level jumped from too soft to too loud. Usually when something like this happens I just get back to the music and don't worry about understanding it. But I've had volume level anomalies on other occasions (I just don't know how to replicate them at will) and would like to know what's going on.

I had three VSTs (including GPO), 6 or 7 midi-tracks, and associated audio tracks. There was mod-wheel data at the beginning of the GPO midi-tracks. I had the version of GPO from the CD's installed (2nd authorization and I haven't applied the updates yet).

Any ideas on what happenned and how to avoid it in the future? Not a major problem but I'm working on improving my workflow and I don't like this sort of surprise.