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Topic: what the *§%&§$?

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    what the *§%&§$?

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    i raised my postcount to 20, and i STILL can't post attachments? i was told i needed 5 posts to be able to attach links to my posts and stuff, but no such luck. guess there must be something i'm doing entirely wrong?

    i already contacted papachalk like i was told to, but no reaction as of yet. i understand of course that he must be a very busy man (?) and that mine is only a minor problem (if any at all) compared to lots of "real-world" stuff he (again:?)probably has to deal with, but still... i'm a tiny wee bit disappointed and... well... angry about this.

    anybody care to help me out on this matter? i registered with this board for the sole purpose of being able to get feedback on some of my tracks, and now i can't even post 'em at all. that's rather sad since i could really use some of the constructive criticism offered around here.

    help me out of my depression if you will, folks : )

    ps: no offense intended against anyone, just a good bit of healthy venting needed.

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    Re: what the *§%&§$?


    Honestly, I don't know if anyone can post "attachments" per se.
    Most demos are posted via Hyperlink. Do you have a web host that you can put your music on and then link to it?
    If not, I have some space that you would be welcome to use...just send me a PM.

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    Re: what the *§%&§$?

    well, that is what i was actually trying to say. you see, i still can't post links. whenever i try to the forum software tells me to be so kind as to remove the link before posting, and being the polite person i am, i do thanks a lot for offering your space so generously, but that is not the problem here. it's very much appreciated, though

    so, in a nutshell... what is a man supposed to do to be allowed to post links? i'm really wondering...


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