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Topic: solo string tremolos with Finale 2006

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    Question solo string tremolos with Finale 2006

    I apologize in advance if this has been answered already, but I couldn't find an answer to my specific question. I'm using Finale 2006 on Macintosh. I have entered a tremolo as a note articulation (three slashes on the stem) in a violin part. From what I understand, HP is supposed to do the keyswitching automatically. It does work for the GPO Finale edition, but does not seem to work for full GPO which I am trying to use (notation sound set). I have tried it with unified keyswitches checked and unchecked in the HP preferences. I just don't know what else to do. I tried setting an expression to do the keyswitching "manually" but I can't seem to figure this out. I'm having trouble understanding what seems to be the relevant section of the manual which I have pasted below. Two questions here:

    Why isn't HP doing the tremolo correctly in full GPO although it is in the Finale edition?

    If I have to set an expression to do this, what is the correct note number to put in the dump box?



    Tremolo/Mutes and Sons Étouffés/Harp Harmonics
    The GPO Notation Set for Finale uses unified string keyswitches (HP Pref Use Unified KS is set by default) available for either section or solo strings: MIDI note 0 = arco/ordinario, MIDI note 1=mute, MIDI note 5= pizz, MIDI note 6=tremolo mute, MIDI note 7=tremolo.

    Non-unified keyswitches can be used as well for compatibility with the Standard GPO version (uncheck HP pref
    Optimize Attacks, Base Value
    A Complete Guide to Garritan Personal Orchestra
    Use Unified KS for this); for instance, non-unified pizzicato is MIDI note 41 (any string non-unified KS is supported, from Contrabass to Violin, but note that string tremolo KS are not available in GPO 1/2 – possible inconsistency). GPO Finale Full String KS are supported, too, but GPO 1/2 Full String KS are not.
    String Pizzicato: pizzicato passages are processed using Velocity. Human Playback carefully blends CC#1 and Velocity passages altogether. Can be used in combination with mutes (con sordino).
    String Tremolos: Keywitching is used rather than diddle (repeated note). Can be used in combination with mute.

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    Re: solo string tremolos with Finale 2006

    Try Dump:

    $90 | $06 | $00(or $7F) (tremolo mute) or
    $90 | $07 | $00(or $7F) (tremolo)

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    Re: solo string tremolos with Finale 2006

    Thanks I will try this. I'm still wondering why HP is not doing the switch automatically, or perhaps it is, but GPO is not set to recognize it. I thought that the notation set used the same keyswitch definitions as the Finale edition. Can anyone confirm this?


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    Re: solo string tremolos with Finale 2006

    Okay, I tried Nickie's suggestion, but I'm still not getting the tremolo. The fact that I do get it with the Finale edition of GPO suggests that HP is doing it's job of sending the correct data. This data is perhaps not the correct setting for full GPO? However I should still be able to make a manual tremolo marking, but I don't know which midi note number actually does the switch. Nickie's suggestions, as I said didn't do it. Any other ideas?


    P.S. I'm using flute fluttertongue in the same piece using the same articulation, and that works fine. There must be something wrong with the keyswitches in the full version of GPO.

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    Re: solo string tremolos with Finale 2006

    Just tried the solo violins. The problem is, that in Finale Edition the tremolo is sampled, whereas in GPO Full it's programmed with a release trigger. The former needs a long sustained note, the latter a series of small note values.

    Until this is fixed, you can create a similar effect in GPO Full, if you create a printing note (f.ex. a whole note) with tremolo articulation and no playback (Edit Frame: Speedy | CTRL-click the measure | uncheck playback) in one layer, and, in another layer, a non-printing (hide it with a staff style) playback tremolo using 2 notes half the value of the printing note on the same scale step(F.ex. 2 half notes) and TGTools | Easy Tremolo. And set Var1=5 and Var2=20 approximately, to avoid machinegun effect.

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    Re: solo string tremolos with Finale 2006

    Thanks a lot. This sounds doable, I'll try it when I get home. Is this a problem with GPO or a problem with Finale's HP?

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    Re: solo string tremolos with Finale 2006

    The problem is, that they don't speak the same language. Who's right and who's wrong? I don't know.

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