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Topic: Can't get Logic to see Native Instruments

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    Can't get Logic to see Native Instruments

    I am trying to use my Garritan Orchestra with Logic Pro. I am running 10.4.3. I followed the step by step tutorial in Garritan's site titled "Using GPO with Logic 7 Tutorial." Everything is fine until I get to step 4. I click on I/O> Stereo> AU Instruments> and expect to see "Native Instruments" as it shows in the tutorial. It is not there. The only thing that is there is DLSMusicDevice.

    I can call up the Garritan Personal Orchestra as a stand alone application and use it just fine, so I know it has installed correctly. But I can't get Logic to see it as a plug in.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Jason Ohler
    University of Alaska

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    Re: Can't get Logic to see Native Instruments


    Clear the Audio Units cache so Logic profiles the audio units component. Also, make sure you have the latest update.

    Gary Garritan

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