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Topic: How to get those songs mixed like...?

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    How to get those songs mixed like...?

    Hi fellas! i dont know if i'm sedning the post tot he right forums but here i am

    I'm here today cuz i'm asking myslef the following question:
    How do they do to get those Urban songs sounds like they sound. example: 50 cents songs, Usher songs, Craig David etc..
    What i mena by this is how do they do to get all the details and that you hear everything, and the drums are in you face, vocals are not overbut they sound all wide especially the leads and whatever the kind of music, from Very full song uptempo to Ballades.. jsut take Destiny child, i mean their singles , very uptmpo (the one Darkchild produced) , there is full instruments but you can identify each of them?

    Can someone light me up here (of course I know that someone will start buy telling me that they are using outgear that cost more then my whole studio put together etc.. etc..) but i'd like to have some details etc.. i'm sure there is some very good engineers here that can tell us more.

    Thank you so much, any feedback and answers wil help


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    Re: How to get those songs mixed like...?

    Lots and lots and lots and lots of compression. Mostly. You got to eq things to make sure you got room for each sound/instrument.

    Think of it this way...you got your left and right panning, right? Then you got your up and down via eq - bass is low/down, mids are middle and trebles are high. Then you got your front and back, front beign dry sounds, back being the reverb. Everything needs it's own space so it will "stand out".

    A tip on vocals to get them to sound out more. Mess with the "Pre-Delay" feature on your reverb unit. Don't over do it, but it will make the lead vocal stand out more.

    I don't listen to 50 or Destiny's just out of personal preference, but I suggest you listen to them critically over a decent set of monitors, not headphones. And don't just blast the volume, it should be more of a study. Try to pick out where the instruments are in the space.

    This should be enough to get you started - if you need more, get a book like "The Art of Recording". Sorry, I don't know the author, but they got it on Amazon. That's where I got mine. Good luck.

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    Cool Re: How to get those songs mixed like...?

    You'r prettymuch talking about premastering you mix. I am not a pro at this but have been learning about it for a year now. I think am getting a better and better feel for that "Radio" or commercial sound. But keep in mind that the people who do the mix for profession artist have been doing it for a long time and their ears are trained to get that pro sound. Its a optimal combination of compressors, eq's, maximizers, reverbs, etc. I think its quite difficult to master this art, but I think it can be done, with lots of research, and learning.

    Check out.

    Waves plugins

    Cheaper and very good alternative

    Ozone also has 2 very detailed PDF's that cover this topic, you can download it for free and read it in detail.

    Hope this helps

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