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Topic: OT: Sibelius help needed with trills

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    OT: Sibelius help needed with trills

    I'm in the middle of scoring a piece which is due later today and have ran into a snag. Sorry if this is off topic, but I didnt know where else to turn! (sibeliusforums.com seems dead)

    I'm trying to draw a trill in the violin part from D (below staff) to F# (first space) and am having a hard time creating the "double line between the notes" which indicates a trill. I see the option in my keypad (bottom right corner in page 1), but I do not know how to get the proper results. I've tried hunting in the manual, but the only trills it speaks of involve the "squiggly line" over the notes, which is not what I'm after.

    Can anyone help point me in the right direction? I'm using Sibelius 3.

    Thanks in advance and sorry for this off topic post. In the future, where should I go to post these type of questions?

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    Re: OT: Sibelius help needed with trills

    Are you talking about a tremolo rather than a trill? The wiggly line is the only notation I was aware of for an actual trill.

    I'm not at home and don't have my manual with me, but this is how I recall doing it:

    1. Create the first note
    2. Create the second note
    3. Select both notes
    4. Select the keybad entry that has the "double line" you mention
    5. Click the "double line" button

    As I recall, if you want the tremolo to last for a half-note worth of time, you create two quarter notes in step 1/2. In other words, the two notes you create will add up to the amount of time you want the tremolo to last. When you click the tremolo button after you've selected the two notes, it will change the notes to the correct type/value.

    Mark McDowell

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    Re: OT: Sibelius help needed with trills

    ahhh, the wonderful world of music semantics! Yes, a tremolo is what I'm looking for, and it is located in the manual under this name. DOGH!

    Thank you for your explanation and help. It is very much appreciated! I owe you a flan dessert!

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    Re: OT: Sibelius help needed with trills

    ...fingered tremolo as opposed to a bowed tremolo.

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    Re: OT: Sibelius help needed with trills

    Excellent!!! I LOVE flan!!!


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