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Topic: Which to buy... help me decide...

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    Question Which to buy... help me decide...

    I'll get a 8 months credit for buying Active Studio monitors... and I don't know which to choose.
    The possibilities are:
    1) Event TR6 - with a special price of ~560USD
    2) Event TR5 - ~450USD
    3) ALESIS M1 Active MK2 - with a special price of ~430USD
    4) M-Audio Studiophile BX8A - with a special price of ~470USD

    I'm lost I don't know what to choose ????
    I don't have much space in my room... 10 sq meters of space... so I don't need a great volume... I just need to be able to monitor precisely at low volume - composing at night for example....

    Or maybe I should go for a Passive monitors ? and connect them to my YAMAHA RX-V620RDS AV RECEIVER.... is this a good choice ?
    If yes then what are my options in passive monitors ?
    maybe Behringer Truth B2030P or Tannoy Reveal or..... ???

    Are the active monitors way better then passive ?

    Please Help me....

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    Re: Which to buy... help me decide...

    I would stay away from the home stereo receiver/passive route. I'm not familiar with all of your choices but if I had to pick I'd go w/ the TR6. And never underestimate your need for power. Its not only about loudness. I also think its extremely difficult to know what's going on in the low end with anything smaller than 6" speakers and even these leave something to be desired.

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    Re: Which to buy... help me decide...

    This is really hard to do without trying the various monitors for yourself. I just concluded a similar search by getting a pair of Mackie Tapco S-5s (I got a good price on eBay) and I like them fine, although any 5" woofer set is going to sacrifice some measure of low freq response. But I too wanted something small for clarity at relatively low volume.

    This is just 2nd hand, but I read a lot of good things about the Events, and also about these:


    which I probably would have purchased had I been able to find a great deal on some used ones.

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    Re: Which to buy... help me decide...

    I recently researched and purchased for my small space too. Also with the same questions. Check out this article from Electronic Musician.


    I don't know how you would test except to buy and return, but there is always shipping return cost and/or restock fee.

    Musiciansfriend.com has Alesis Pro linear $720 for $300 for the pair.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Which to buy... help me decide...

    Having someone pick your monitors is pretty much like letting someone pick your girlfriend for you- it's SO subjective.

    BUT if you want my personal opinion RUN HARD from either the Alesis or the M-Audio and go with one of the Events, preferably the TR6's.

    The Tapcos also aren't too bad but not my personal favorites.

    And for sure get active- having a well matched amp built into the speaker is generally a huge improvement in sound unless you have a really good amp with lots of headroom as an alternative- home receiver don't cut it

    I'm sure you expect to hear this but any conceivable way you can find to get out and actually audition monitors with music you're familiar with will be worth the trouble. If you live in the small town, plan a trip to the big town

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    Re: Which to buy... help me decide...

    I have to second the Events...you really can't go wrong with them, they are great speakers and many people around here use them (including myself).
    Music Composition for Feature Films, Television and Interactive Entertainment

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    Re: Which to buy... help me decide...


    I agree with you that the question is subjective. I think the request for help probably needs a more specific response. I would not recommend the M-Audio only because of the review in the article. But I did not personally try them out - subjective, remember. The Alesis proLinear 720 was given good marks.

    Can you provide what experience you have with the Alesis brand monitors? Which model have you had experience with and to what extent? Where did you find problems? Also, what experience do you have with the Events? which model?

    The article i mentioned seems a good starting point in my inexperience. The Event TR8XL were the preferred choice in the article. These can be found for $600. I wish i could have gone with that model.

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    Re: Which to buy... help me decide...

    Quote Originally Posted by Deak
    Musiciansfriend.com has Alesis Pro linear $720 for $300 for the pair.
    Yeah but I'm in Poland and the international p&p fee would be around 100USD not to mention 110V power suply (we have 220V here).

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    Re: Which to buy... help me decide...

    The Alesis monitors I remember auditioning were the Monitor Ones (with the built in digital EQ) and the (I think) M1 Actives (probably the old ones, not the MkII Luk is talking about). I can't tell you now exactly what I felt about them- this was almost a year ago. But in a shootout involving Mackie 824s, Genelec 1031s (tough competition I know!) and various more low-end systems like Beringer Truth, some M-Audios and a bunch I can't remember now they came in pretty near the bottom. For the record, I liked the Genelecs best (duh! ) but thought the Mackies were the best call for the money. In fact, the Genelecs were almost too gorgeous and forgiving- we listened to an album I did that wound up having a pretty annoying eq bump around 8Kz on most systems and the Genelecs made it sound wonderful. With the Mackies the bump was right out there.
    I've heard the Event TR6's and I thought they sounded great but I never have put them in direct A/B with anything.

    I also like the KRK Rokit 8's a LOT, though I know many people think they are fatiguing. Oddly, I really DON'T like the KRK V8's which cost twice as much.

    If I was going to buy today I'd try to get the TR6's the Rokit's and the Mackie 824's together and decide between those.

    My comments about Alesis were based solely on those two models- they may have something else which is better, I don't know!

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    Re: Which to buy... help me decide...

    In addition, I would definitely check out the Samson Rubicons 6As before I decided.

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