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Topic: setting up a new G5

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    setting up a new G5

    hi i just got a dual 2.7 G5,i will be using w/ fireface800 as i/o ,boot drive will be for apps,my question....... i put in a 2nd sata drive(400 gig) also i intend to get firmtek pci card and enclosure for 2 more additional external SATA drives and i will have another separate fw buss (pci card)for 2 more additional drives(all of these are rated 7200 rpm 8 mb cache).....will it be better to record audio to internal sata and use external sata via card for samples(EWQL Kontakt etc...)or would i be better off using 2nd internal SATA for samples and record audio to external drives?
    boot drive> audio(internal sata)>samples((firmtek) >backup (ext fw)
    boot drive> samples(internal sata)>audio((firmtek) >backup (ext fw)
    thanks in advance KG

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    Re: setting up a new G5

    I doubt you'll notice any significant performance difference between the 2nd internal SATA bus and the external Firmtek drives. If it were me, I'd probably the most commonly accessed drive as the internal. i.e. - if you do mostly sample-based tracking, use the internal drive for samples. If you do mostly audio recording, use the internal drive for audio.

    But I really think the difference either way will be negligible.

    PS - Why not just get one of those internal G5 drive racks and rack up all your SATA drives internally?

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    Re: setting up a new G5

    i am a bit leery of potential heat issues as well as load on power supply..............

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    Re: setting up a new G5

    Valid concerns, though there seem to be a lot of folks doing it these days. But if you have the space (and quiet enclosures) external drives work well, too.

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