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Topic: Saving in Overture SE?

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    Saving in Overture SE?

    I've had GPO for a while, but never had reason to use Overture--I'm an FL Studio guy, and have no need for scoring. However, my daughter now needs to use it, & we're having a problem: though Overture boots up as Overture SE 3.5, it says it's a trial version that won't allow saving. It does in fact let us save--but then, it won't open anything up; the drop-down menu choices for opening files are grayed out. Does anybody know if I've got to do anything to get Overture to recognize that I'm a legitimate user? I can't find anything relating to this in the GPO manual, I've uninstalled & reinstalled several times, & I've updated to 3.5.1 from the GPO website. Still, nothing. Any advice?

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    Re: Saving in Overture SE?

    In Overture SE, you can't have more than one file open at a time (its a limitation of the SE version.) So, you need to close the score currently displayed before you can open a saved score.

    Hope that helps.

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    Re: Saving in Overture SE?

    Ah, that's it. Thanks muchos!

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    Re: Saving in Overture SE?

    Another thing. 6 months ago there was a 3.6.1 update available from the Geniesoft website, to be installed after the 3.5.1 update from Garritan.com. It may still be like that.

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    Re: Saving in Overture SE?

    Nickie, you are correct. The 3.6.1 update on the Geniesoft website is the newest update for Overture 3 SE.

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    Re: Saving in Overture SE?

    What I don't understand is: why is it still not available from Garritan.com? When I bought GPO 6 months ago, I thought the 3.6.1 update was just too new to have been included on Garritan.com. But now, 6 months later, there's still not even a hint of its existence.

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    Re: Saving in Overture SE?

    That's out of my hands. I have no idea.

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