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Topic: What video format do they give you?

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    What video format do they give you?

    Hi there, just curious about what video format composers are mostly being given these days...

    a) VHS
    b) SVHS
    c) DV
    d) Mini DV
    e) Quicktime
    f) AVI
    g) Other

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    Re: What video format do they give you?

    Hmmm, I asked this question about 6 months ago and got no response then. Either no one is working or everyone is just way to busy to answer. Hope it's the later.

    I just don't want to run out and by a DV or SVHS player/recorder if I don't need one.

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    Re: What video format do they give you?

    Lot's of people are using quicktime files loaded into Digital Performer or Logic. SMPTE locking to video is probably still being done. Find out what the format they plan on giving you. I would imagine they would provide the you/the composer what he prefers or what his technology can handle. Prior to quicktime composers would often load the video and timecode into there program via a PCI card like ATI but quicktime is the current wave. I imagine with protools they easily import from AVID (platform many films are edited on) since they share the same engine.

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    Re: What video format do they give you?

    This question was asked on VSL some time ago. The replies were various, although film and TV work still comes on VHS quite often. Commercials tend to come on QT, but most people with PC will convert to AVI whatever the original medium is.


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    Re: What video format do they give you?

    I am on PC and always insist on AVI (why do the converting here when it can just be rendered from there.) Most - if not all Directors will have their editors simply supply what the composer needs - really no big deal.

    With SX, sometimes there are some wierd codec things that go on with the audio file so I simple have them provide me the video AVI and a seperate audio wav file. Nothing has to be sorted out on my end just import both files (which come with the same starting point) and line up here and off to the races )

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