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Topic: Confused about velocity

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    Confused about velocity

    I've been trying to get some strings to sound right, but I'm having a problem. I've got the velocity nice 'n high so it sounds like it has some oomph, but immediately after a strong beginning to the note, it loses just about all of that strength.

    How can I keep it strong right til the end?

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    Re: Confused about velocity

    The sustained portion of the sound is managed by the mod wheel (midi controller #1). Give it a high value for forte.
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    Re: Confused about velocity

    I tried that. Sorry, should've mentioned that... Actually, I set the modulation all the way up for the entirety on the strings.

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    Re: Confused about velocity

    Which strings patch(es) are you using, and are you using any of the keyswitched versions? I found the same behavior when trying to keyswitch between upbow/downbow; good for short notes, but they decayed very rapidly and didn't work too well for legato.
    -- Jeff Lee
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    Re: Confused about velocity

    I'm using Violins 1 Sus+Short, but that sounds just like what I'm experiencing.

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    Re: Confused about velocity

    Did you try an aggressive (agg) patch? Those sound really good with a lot of bow noise (CC 16, if I remember correctly).
    Let's see...you can lower the velocity to match the mod wheel? No, then you loose umph. OK, lower the velocity to match the mod wheel then crank up the volume on your speakers!! That might work!
    OK, I'll stop. I know I'm not being of much help here.
    But those aggressive patches are really nice if you give them a shot, but they may loose umph like the sus+short did. You'll have to 'speriment.


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