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Topic: Do people still optimize XP?

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    Do people still optimize XP?

    With the fast computers that are available these days, do people still go through the optimizing XP for music production thing?

    I'm just wondering... I did it for my Pentium 3 1 gig ram system years ago, but I just purchased an AMD 64 4200 X2 dual core system and was wondering if people are still doing this for the newer setups.

    Just curious

    example http://www.musicxp.net/


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    Re: Do people still optimize XP?

    I do, although my best machine is just a 2.4G P4 (w/HT). I just do it as a matter of course, it's pretty much habit by now. The standard XP install is loaded up with so many extra programs and services that it can't but help.

    This is the one I've used successfully many times. It's a video editing site but same diff:

    I don't do quite all of tweaks, but most of them. Someday I'll build a script to automate it, it takes a little while to do it all. My machine is noticeably snappier after I do 'em though.


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