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Topic: Torture

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    Here we go, my first GPO translation of one of my older pieces! I'm getting used to how the strings work, and I think I may have to go back and overlap some of the notes so they make smooth transitions - unless you guys have better ideas. Anyhow, this one's titled "Torture," which is in reference to the emotional torture that people can feel when they have forbidden love for each other. I love GPO's woodwinds!

    Hope you like it, and ideas for improvement are most welcome (especially for the second half)!


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    Re: Torture

    I'd say you're doing a fairly fine job, technically, on this, efin... maybe a bit more work with getting balance, etc. But there are others far more astute on this end of things than I am, who I am sure will be happy to help more specifically.


    As for the piece, very nice job! Ingenious variational development of successive episodes... very nicely done!


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    Re: Torture

    Thank you! Yeah, the balance thing is my latest venture in Cubasis. Some of the notes seem to jump out at you, while others blend in nicely. I'm glad you liked it, though!

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