Hello again,

I was the guy with the MIA sound card that did nothing but "snap crackle pop." thanks to the advice of people who actually know what they are doing, I've moved past that, and can actually play Gigapiano in real time on my MIDI keyboard with no pops or clicks and a decent # of voices. BUT, the
samples sound funny. They almost sound comb-filtered, like the kind of sound you get in a sequencer like SONAR if you've got MIDI echo on and two copies of the sound get plopped on top of each other with a very slight delay. The samples do not have an effect like this that varies with time, only with position on the keyboard. Some notes sound particularly muffled, while others are excessively bright and lacking midrange. The pattern of tone quality is gradual and repeats several times over the range of the keyboard. (I'm assuming that Gigapiano isn't actually supposed to sound like this.)

I've noticed another odd thing, maybe related? The MIA is, according to the documentation that comes with it, a 24 bit card, yet Gigastudio thinks it's 32 bit (?) where would it get such an idea? How can I fix it?

Thanks again for this great forum