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Topic: Dark Forest

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    Dark Forest

    Here's my second translation. This is the one I was having problems keeping the strings sounding strong throughout a bow length. I think I solved it by doubling the strings up and lowering one set an octave.

    "Dark Forest" is the unofficial theme to a book I've been trying to write for so many years... It's also one of my favorites because it's so fun. And absolutely none of my pieces are remotely complicated.

    Dark Forest

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    Re: Dark Forest

    Eh, I was denied access. I'll try from home later. Sounds interesting your book I've been trying to write one for a couple of months now. Struggling is an understatement.


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    Re: Dark Forest

    efin, Nice piece! I like the uncomplicatedness of it. Sometimes, there's simply no need to gum up your writing with a bunch of notes. I like the noble and triumphant feel. What kind of book are you writing?

    Your avatar makes think of badgers, badgers, badgers, snaaaaaake!

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    Re: Dark Forest


    I liked this, it was simple and good melody. Near the end it begin to be hard understanding the melody a bit though, the accompagnement is a bit too loud for me. But perhaps you wanted it like that!


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    Re: Dark Forest

    Quote Originally Posted by efin
    And absolutely none of my pieces are remotely complicated.
    A composer I studied with decades ago once looked at a piece of mine, and commented: "This would be a good piece if you took out half the notes." He was right.

    I like the simplicity of this.

    With Saldor, I might suggest more dynamic subtlety -- and taking more advantage of the dynamic range -- with the timpani.

    Good job on this!


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