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Topic: using mod wheel to fade completely out

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    using mod wheel to fade completely out


    I have been using GPO with Finale/Sonar for about 6 months now and have pretty much figured out all the kinks to create pieces that sound very realistic, with one exception.

    Even when I draw a CC1 descending line or arc on a sustained note, even one that starts very quietly, I can't get it to fade out to nothing even if the end of the line/arc is set to 0 or 1. I have looked at several other posts in these forums and think I may have hit on the problem, but not my answer. Some people have mentioned that in some players, even when the mod wheel is all the way down (theoretically at 0), that does not fade out the sound totally, there is still a "base" level which will still play (these forum threads dealt with Gigastudio in particular).

    Is there a control or a way to set something in GPO/Kontakt player so that a mod wheel value of 0 truly has no playback level, or am I stuck with this issue? I appreciate anyone's help with this as it is (for today) the last issue I think I need to conquer before feeling like I have it down pat.

    Thanks to everybody!

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    Re: using mod wheel to fade completely out

    You can use CC7 to fade out completely. Another option is to change the programming of the instruments in Kontakt.

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    Re: using mod wheel to fade completely out

    Thanks for your quick reply. As usual, as soon as I had posted my topic, I went back and did some experimenting and used the CC7 to fade out completely, which worked fine.

    However, I am intrigued by your mention of "change the programming of the instruments in Kontakt", and would like to see how that works and what the results sound like. Could you elaborate on that just a little so I know what programming specifically you are referring to, and how to change it? I would like to have more than one option for these kinds of issues, in case some approaches produce different results than others.

    Thanks again.

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