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Topic: Beethoven Quintet in Eb

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    Beethoven Quintet in Eb

    I'm just practicing using my keyboard, mod wheel and pedal and thought you might like to hear the result. Since we are buried in snow (yea, lake effect), I spent the day working on the 1st movement. My playing technigue is not so great on keyboards (rather be playing the clarinet).

    Kind of a compliment to Gary and to myself...my wife opened my studio door when I was playing along with the music file (minus clarinet of course) to see if I was playing the clarinet or the GPO was playing all the parts. She couldn't tell the difference! (And yes, I am accomplished at clarinet...I have a Masters in Clarinet Performance from Northwestern University.)


    Also when you go to my page to get this file, have a listen to my remake of a piece I did earlier originally titled Gypsy Quartet. It is now titled "Notti Tenere" (Tender Nights - at least that's what my Italian - English dictionary said it should mean ).

    Thanks -- RichR

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    Re: Beethoven Quintet in Eb

    I'm a little disappointed. I have had this in the forum for 5 days now and nary a response. If it's bad I would like to know and comments on what needs to be done. If it's good .. well praise doesn't hurt.


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    Re: Beethoven Quintet in Eb

    You did a good job on the Beethoven piece but it cries out for some good quality reverb to give it some life and naturalness! It is also lacking in high frequencies. They could stand a boost in my opinion.

    Keep up the good work.


    Larry A.
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Beethoven Quintet in Eb

    Hi Rich...

    I agree with Larry about the ambience Reverb issue.

    Although a recent newcomer on these forums myself, I have the impression that renditions of masterpieces will be scrutinized much more than original works…

    I would never attempt to copy a classic, but there are a few individuals here who do a fantastic job of GPO-ing classical works, perhaps they can give you a few pointers.


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    Re: Beethoven Quintet in Eb

    Hi RichR

    Yes, it is a bit strange that not more members commented here. I can only speak for myself, but I think the hosting site could have something to do with it. I rather avoid trying to listen there because I always have difficulties in getting the player to function properly. I figure, if I have difficulties, then at least some others have the same experiences. And one can't download the mp3 unless one is a member. In my opinion, most people would just prefer a direct download link, listen and then comment. I guess that's just human nature.

    Anyway, after a few tries, I did get to hear the Quintet. I agree with Larry. The reverb doesn't fit. It's a bit hard to explain in words, but it sounds a tad too "direct".

    I agree with your wife , the GPO WWs are the best around! Anyway, I hate criticizing others work, but you did ask for honest opinions . I think you should perhaps edit some of the starting and ending times of the notes to make them more even. At present they sound too uneven, and gives the impression of an unrehearsed perfomance. People like me, who don't have the keyboard skills and rely on notation, have the opposite problem. We have to edit the notes to sound more human .

    But other than these things, I think you did a good job here. I also agree with jeff, that doing mockups of well known pieces is somewhat dicy, simply because there are so many good recordings to compare it with. But on the other hand it is an excellent way to learn how to control GPO.

    I hope I wasn't too harsh and insensitive here .

    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker

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    Re: Beethoven Quintet in Eb

    Reverb and uneven notes aside, this is quite good. I do agree on these points though. I enjoyed this rendering and listened to Notti Tenere. I liked this one a lot when you first posted it and enjoyed the evolution it's undergone.
    Now, as for Louis' comment, speaking for myself, he is dead right. I have avoided a number submissions because of the pop-ups etc. associated with that and similar sites. FTP space is available now at rock bottom prices.
    Never look at the trombones. It only encourages them. Richard Strauss

    My Website
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    Antonio Salieri
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    Re: Beethoven Quintet in Eb

    I agree about the site I have chosen, but I don't know where I else I can go for a free presentation. If anyone can stir me in a better direction, I would certainly appreciate it!

    I agree with you on the reverb. Unfortunately, I am influenced by a twin brother who always cries that I use too much reverb. So, I get stuck in the middle of pleasing myself and having a twin (with a masters in composition ) yelling at me "too much reverb". That's the rub.

    I'm still learning GPO myself (having only gotten it in July), but I thought the idea in this forum was feedback (negative and positive). I'm a big boy and can handle criticism. I really appreciate your comments. Thanks


    Thanks also. You are right about the woodwind sounds. They are excellent (THANKS GARY!!!!) My keyboard skills are just above "almost adequate" and this project was a learning ecperience to use the mod wheel and pedal to learn the "LIVE" approach to GPO. Normally, my tendency in the past and will probably be more so in the future is to notate in Finale and sequence in Tracktion (handwriting the mod wheel and pedal in--which is a big slow pain). Because of playing it live, the notes did not always fall into proper alignment and the performance quite frankly is more like a high school Solo and Ensemble presentation. You nailed it right on the head. Good Ears man

    Bill (Valhalx [love the forum name (Do you know Thor and his Norse friends?]:

    Again thanks for the comments and especially thanks for the comment on "Notti Tenere". That was done notation first and expression second [I only am using Finale 2002 since I can't afford the upgrade -(another issue you don't even want to know about )

    Let me know more about rock bottom. I'm not familiar with the site or FTP setups (more for me to learn )

    Thanks again everyone. GPO is the greatest and has enough depth for getting great results, which I hope someday to accomplish.


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    Re: Beethoven Quintet in Eb


    Excellent work. You make the winds just shine! Glad your wife liked the virtual clarinet. I always find that a person who can play a certain instrument well can play the virtual counterpart well. That's because they know how the instrument articulates, where it breathes, how it tongues and slurs, what the nuances are, etc. Your version of this Beethoven's Quintet shows your mastery of the winds.

    I agree about the reverb. If you are willing, we can download and try applying some with an impulse or Ambience reverb (or you can do it). I think it should be tried and it may put a different perspective on the performance.

    I think the lack of initial response may have been your hosting. Not many are willing to sign on as a member and give information on a strange site. An easy link to an mp3 would be easier. If you want I would be happy to host your mp3 (or any user's mp3) on my site and provide a link.

    Fabulous work and thanks for sharing it with us.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Beethoven Quintet in Eb

    Thanks for the response Gary. I did put "Parlor" reverb on using "Ambience" but felt that being an up close personal such as a quintet that too much reverb would be over kill. I will revisit it and try some other reverbs. If you want to do some reverb, be my guest. As I said in an earlier response, my twin brother is always telling me less reverb even when my own ears are telling me more reverb.

    Also thanks for offering to host any of my music. I will be looking over my work on the pieces already available on soundclick and do some revisions before moving them. I agree with you on the signing up problem of that site and some others that I have been taken to by different links from GPO users and I'm wary myself when I have to sign up. I don't have my own web site and had to go looking for a place to put my music. Soundclick was offered up by someone (forgot who) on this forum so I thought it was a common site for GPO'ers.


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    Thumbs up Re: Beethoven Quintet in Eb

    Quote Originally Posted by Garritan

    Excellent work. You make the winds just shine! Glad your wife liked the virtual clarinet. I always find that a person who can play a certain instrument well can play the virtual counterpart well. That's because they know how the instrument articulates, where it breathes, how it tongues and slurs, what the nuances are, etc. Your version of this Beethoven's Quintet shows your mastery of the winds.
    Gary Garritan
    I agree with Gary on your performance. The winds sound naturally played and not programmed or over edited.
    As for the reverb, I agree here as well. Take some time and listen to various settings. You'll find one suitable.
    I had no problem with your host site however do agree with the other's host sites such as this sometimes presents problems.
    Again, thanks for sharing. I enjoyed the Quintet very much!

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