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Topic: Need some tips for a natural sound

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    Need some tips for a natural sound

    I'm having a hard time with GOS as I don't hear and feel a natural sounding string orchestra when I load the instruments in GS3. This has been an expensive investment and it would be much appreciated if somebody could direct me to the natural sounding samples of the library (i.e. non-processed sounds such as the crescendo-diminuendo samples).

    Thanks for your help,


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    Re: Need some tips for a natural sound

    It has been a little while since I have had GOS open, but not that long. I believe GOS does not have recordings of players playing phrases like you are talking about. In my opinion, those would not be samples, they would be recordings.

    There are some recordings of different string effects in GOS, but no actual performance recordings that I remember. The library is fantastic though, and with the help of Maestro Tools, it is possible to get an incredibly realistic string sound.


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    Re: Need some tips for a natural sound

    Thank you dpDan for taking your time to write. I haven't been able to set up Maestro Tools properly in Rewire Mode with Nuendo and therefore haven't been able to get the best out of GOS.

    I will have to take my time to go through all the samples to find the ones that give me that "special" feeling such as the crescendo-diminuendo samples.

    All the best,


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    Re: Need some tips for a natural sound

    For normal legato passages, here's the patches I normally use:

    1st Violin WARM Grand Sustain
    2st Violin WARM Grand Sustain
    Viola WARM Grand Sustain
    Cellos SusV
    Basses Sus 1

    Then I gently roll off the highs starting at around 4KHz.

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    Re: Need some tips for a natural sound

    Thanks for sharing Mark, it's appreciated. Maybe somebody will come up with some settings for Maestro Tools in Rewire Mode with Nuendo later today. That would allow me to use GOS at its best.


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