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Topic: Laptop soundcard: Is Echo the best way to go?

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    Laptop soundcard: Is Echo the best way to go?

    I hesitate over it because it doesn't have what I want, but I know I want too much:

    1. A built in midi interface.
    2. Two 1/4 inch ins.

    Does anyone know of a PCMI card that offers these things?

    Another question: to record decently, even if I did get the Echo card, will I still need a preamp?

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    Re: Laptop soundcard: Is Echo the best way to go?

    I personally am interested in this USB interface:


    M-Audio MobilePre USB, $149. 2 line ins and ASIO2 compatible. Plus it has 2 XLR inputs with phantom power, built-in preamp, and the whole thing runs on USB power. Absolutely perfect for me since I have two condensers that both need phantom.... just gotta find an excuse (read: "JOB!!!!!!!!") to buy this for field work.

    I actually did briefly have an Echo Indigo I/O card. I got it for my laptop to reduce noise while recording from a 1/8" mic, but eventually decided it wasn't quite worth the $179 price tag for just that. It had no preamp and just had a single 1/8" out and 1/8" in. Quality card, great sig/noise, but just not quite worth it for me so I returned it.

    ...come to think of it, I also got an SBLive for my laptop, which I eventually resold to a friend b/c he needed it more (his comp had no sound at all). It had unacceptable sig/noise anyways, and just wasn't a pro card. Between my laptop and desktop that makes what, six soundcards in the last 2 years??
    Wilbert Roget, II

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