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Topic: Game Track

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    Game Track

    this weekend i did this new track for a new pc game.
    Listen and comment.


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    Re: Game Track

    Nice. Very marchy - would fit a war styled game perfectly.

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    Re: Game Track

    I sorta hate to comment; what do _I_ know? I particularly like the build in the beginning and the orchestral colors overall (doubling that oboe line really helps to hide the fact that it isn't real.) Emotionally I see a long-ago world and a conflict long and terrible. The rhythmic drive and repetitive motifs give me this sense of being driven towards a final all-out battle. And the horn flavors give a nice touch of archiac granduer. So it certainly sets up the scene nicely for an epic RPG, or better yet, TBS.

    However, I seem to see in this piece one of the mistakes I see in my own, lesser, works. To wit, an almost compulsive repeat of every statement. After listening to three or four pairs, rephrases of the same melodic line in all but identical orchestration, I found myself crying out for one of those sudden cut-backs in density, where the rephrase is only on the lighter strings, or the rhythm drops down to a simple c.b. pizz or a single light snare. Sometimes when you cut back like this you generate a need in the listener for the full orchestra -- a need that you satisfy when you come back in with redoubled forces (or even a key change).

    Take that as you may. I think I understand why you made the choices you did in this piece, and I am certainly not going to say it doesn't work quite well as is.

    And with this post, I delurk. I hope not to anyone's regret!

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    Re: Game Track

    Hi Andi,

    nice you're posting here. I like it, like all of your stuff.

    Erinnert mich an deinen Hexenmarsch. Nein, was ich sagen wollte war, man hört deinen Stil heraus. Der Hexenmarsch ist genial und dieses Teil ist ebenso von herausragender Qualität. Du hast da wieder einige sehr aussagekräftige und stimmige Elemente zusammenbekommen. Klingt stark und ist ganz großes Kino! Darf ich erfahren für welches Spiel das gedacht ist?

    Sorry for the german speaking lines!


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    Re: Game Track


    It's overall a good tune, though a bit repetitive for my taste, and a bit "empty" in the arrangements. Nice soundscape though; don't ever fear reverb on snare drums
    The biggest issue I've got with this track though, is the main cue's (at 00:31) immense similarity to the main theme from an old computer game called Tunnel B1. An almost rip-off to be frank. The game is from like '96 or something, but I fell in love with the soundtrack ever since I first heard it. Don't know if you've played that game, but the theme is awkwardly similar; it's even played in the same key It's all probably just an unfortunate coincidence..but something you should check up on!

    Otherwise...keep up the good work!

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    Lightbulb Re: Game Track

    Quote Originally Posted by avalongalaxy
    this weekend i did this new track for a new pc game.
    Listen and comment.

    Remember, you can post your music at this BSS in Game Audio for review by game music and sound pros.
    Doyle W. Donehoo, Composer
    Radar Music

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    Re: Game Track

    Nice track.

    I would hand my 25 cents out by suggesting you try to get the snares and cymbals more into the background. To me it sound like you're painting the picture of epic memories .. meaning like hearing a whiskey- and cigar abused dark voice saying "this .. is where it all happened, a thousand years ago ...". .
    I would try to use darker and bigger snares and cymbals and put them really far in the back with an ocean of looong reverb to sort of get the feeling of time and space.
    With the drums 'in front' - like they are now - you sort of want to see a big proud military march going by .. but the melody is far to slow, melancolic and epic for that so it turns it into a slow sad military parade .. "Our soldiers boys, here they march .. heading back home over the mountains. They did their best but they were severly beaten ..".

    That's my spontaneous impression - besides being a really nice score of course. Keep up the good work
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