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Topic: Controller ?

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    Controller ?

    Which controller(s?) do you use for GPO (those of you who are really into trying to emulate orchestras) and which parameters do you normally reserve for each type controller (expression pedal, mod wheel, slide switches, etc.) ? I'm in the market but a bit confused in several ways. I don't know ergonomically what is needed or seems to work (I've seen some say don't get a spring-loaded mod wheel for example). Others have said one really needs to get a wind controller for maximum expressivity. Others say aftertouch is essential. Others say don't get weighted keys. I have a midi keyboard which is fine for piano but has no controllers and I'm now getting into GPO. Any recommendations on controller models (either control surfaces or another keyboard) and your setup, and what features are essential for good orchestral emulation work ? For example, a Behringer 1010 w/ 2 expression pedals and a 48 key M-Audio Ozone or Oxygen 8, or ... I realize alot is personal taste but I'd like to know what <you> use to coax those orchestral nuances in articulation out of GPO- Thanks for any advice, Bob.

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    Re: Controller ?

    I use a WX5 wind controller for the wind instruments, which makes entering those parts a sheer delight. For the other parts, I use a keyboard. (I've tried using the wind controller for strings, but it just doesn't sound right.)

    You definitely want a keyboard with at least a pedal, mod wheel and velocity-sensitive keys. Aftertouch is nice, but more essential to JABB than GPO. A pitch wheel is also good to have.

    I also make heavy use of a Behringer BCF2000; I assign the various sliders and knobs to the CCs to the sliders and rotary knobs. I use a couple of different presets for GPO and JABB.
    -- Jeff Lee
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