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Topic: Snare Drum Brush Stirs

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    Snare Drum Brush Stirs

    Stupidity warning....

    I am using an M-Audio midi controller with CC131 assigned to to slider (no aftertouch on keys available).

    I think that I am following the instructions correctly for brush stirring - hit and hold C#1 (midi note 37) and then I am nudging the assigned slider up then back to 0 to simulate pressing the key a little then backing off.

    All I notice is an increase/decrease in volume of the stir as I move the slider up/down - I don't hear something that I would interprete as a change in direction of the stirring.

    Can anyone show me the error of my ways?

    Tom - is there any chance that you could post the midi file of the brush drum demo off the JABB website?
    Richard N.

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    Re: Snare Drum Brush Stirs

    I haven't had the opportunity to hear or play any of the sounds in JABB. However, the increase and decrease or dynamic level of sound can be attributed to a change in direction of the brush stroke especially if the stir is executed in one hand only. It is hard to keep the dynamic level the same in both directions especially during the change. There is a double hand stir and accent stroke technique that is rarely seen (at least I haven't seen it in a while) that offers more or a steady stir sound and dynamic level.
    Of course, as I stated, I cannot hear the samples as of yet. Only can offer my experiences.

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    Re: Snare Drum Brush Stirs

    Quote Originally Posted by Richard N.

    Tom - is there any chance that you could post the midi file of the brush drum demo off the JABB website?
    Me too!!. Me too.!! I would love to examine that file. One whole note for a bar, and 4 or 8 direction changes.? 4 quarter notes and 4 direction changes?
    What would you consider best practise.?

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    Re: Snare Drum Brush Stirs

    Since I had most of this tutorial laid out already I've taken time to finish it and put it up in the "Tips, Techniques, and Tutorials" section:


    More tutorials to come later on brass shakes and other things.


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