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Topic: Is it me or...

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    Is it me or...

    Is the quality control process for electronic equipment not as good as it used to be?

    In the past few weeks I purchased;

    Yamaha midi guitar controller
    Wireless router
    Lightscribe DVD drive
    DVD player
    Freeview TV box
    2 x ADSL microfilters

    And every single item was faulty and had to be replaced involving a double trip to all of the shops I bought this kit from. Maybe just a run of bad luck but...

    Has anyone else had similar problems?

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    Re: Is it me or...

    Wow. Sounds like a really bad run of luck to me. I had to take the video camera I bought a year ago back to Best Buy for repair (luckily I bought an extended warranty... usually I don't), but other than that everything's worked OK. (knocking on wood)

    I hope it gets better for you, Tony!
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    Re: Is it me or...

    The number of things I have returned because of flaws is so great that I refuse to buy an expensive item unless the store is within an hours drive. Coffee Grinders, flash drives, television, toaster, trousers that shred on the first washing, other trousers that change color on the first wash, so many other things that I could not possibly remember them all. I bought one CD of classical sheet music, which had one page missing, after a year, of waiting for a reply, sent again, with answer that was a non-answer. As for buying on line, nothing more complicated than a book, and I have had some trouble there, too. Big exception: I had a problem with disk 4 of GPO, which was replaced at the speed of light. Thank you Gary and Frau!!


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    Cool Re: Is it me or...

    Chineses are getting technologically advanced and are making everything we buy!

    But I suspect Japaneses and Koreans were better...only kidding

    More seriously i had similar experiences, but i was checking for best quality-price rate, and it's sometime dangerous (when you find the price, but missing the quality..;-) It's a result of low manifacturing cost competition run.

    The only hope is that competition will keep alive only better companies...

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    Re: Is it me or...

    It is not what it used to be. Quality control is not the top priority as it used to be! Get the product out, increase the sales, and anything in-between can be dealt with later. Yet, there are some products out there that continue to uphold quality is best in the long run than quantity. Take for instance ......... wait, I'll think of something....

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    Re: Is it me or...

    I don't think this is a recent phenomenon...

    Over the past ten years I can think of many situations where I had to buy something twice. Its become a running gag with my wife and I. Frequently I'll open the box in the parking lot to do a quick inspection. Its saved me a few trips. If only I'd remember to do this every time! Partly, I suspect, it is the store trying to get rid of returns, hoping it won't be brought back.

    So much for consumerism and its promise of happiness, but I think another thread here is discussing this.

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    Re: Is it me or...

    Quote Originally Posted by Ernstinen
    Luckily for me, my '03 Pontiac Vibe GT (twin of the Toyota Matrix XRS) has had ZERO problems in its first 22,000 miles ---


    My little '97 Ford Ranger has had "almost" zero problems in 116,000 miles (knock on wood)....only had to change oil and fluids and replaced the fan belt and tires once.

    First time in my LIFE this has ever happened! Everyone at work gives me hell for not buying a new vehicle (one guy gets a new car about every year)...but hell, it ain't broke yet, so why change?


    ps - I've intentionally avoided taking it to the dealer...had all service done at a local mechanic's shop.

    Jim Jarnagin - no not THAT Jim Jarnagin, the other one.

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