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Topic: The Last Reward - A song for Cello

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    The Last Reward - A song for Cello

    I just put the finishing touches on my rendition of a song I've been working on a few weeks. It actually has two versions: for baritone with text that I wrote, and then I took the solo line and wrote it out for a high cello solo. It sounds equally well in both versions I think, but this is the one that's most readily available to share

    The initial composition started with the actual words. Then a melody emerged from them. I then started writing the orchestral accompaniment, and it began a new life all unto itself. The melody influenced the orchestra, the chords and countermelodies I chose influenced the melody. It was a wonderful bit of playing between being flexible and allowing one to affect the other.

    In essence, there are multiple solo lines playing. There's the main line, and there's also a duet going on between the english horn and bass clarinet. I panned them respectively to the left and right while leaving the cello in the middle so it would provide an interesting aural space.

    The instrumentation is: Cello, English Horn, Bass Clarinet, Horn in F, Tuba, Glockenspiel, Violins I & II, Violas, Cellos, Basses.

    I'll leave you with the mp3 and the text to lead the piece along as you listen. Maybe it'll make the instrumental version more meaningful.

    The Last Reward

    Walking the well-traveled road again
    Digging my feet through the worn dirty lines
    Kicking up dust, humming tunes to the wind
    Thinking up thoughts controversially mine

    Dragged by a magnet to home’s comfort calls
    Thoughts of warm fires, frosty windows, and how
    Pleasantly wandering down the long halls
    Stalls my long strides, catch my breath again…

    Trudging forward, heading norward, homeward bound
    Going toward my last reward, never found

    With the journey edging onward, what stopped my eye
    A strand of long grass from the cracked broken street
    Slender emerald grown from the earth, dead from my touch
    Reborn again as a small jeweled bird

    Fly to the end of the world
    Fly through the uncharted mountains
    Fly and come back to my palm


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    Re: The Last Reward - A song for Cello

    Wow! This is moving. The counterpoint and canon work in this is inspring. I'm impressed with how well you handled the melodic subject of this music.

    [Music is the Rhythm, Harmony and Breath of Life]
    "Music is music, and a note's a note" - Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong


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    Re: The Last Reward - A song for Cello

    Very good indeed, Kobalt!!

    This is really inspired!!
    The melody is simply wonderful and lovely!!

    I love also your orchestration!!
    It has been done mastering all the voice in the best way!


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    Re: The Last Reward - A song for Cello

    Leif, lovely piece -- some very fine writing in this, very effective counterpoint; and clear, astute, nicely transparent orchestration.

    Liked the way you handled the ending, too, by the way.

    A pleasure!


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    Re: The Last Reward - A song for Cello

    Thanks guys, I appreciate it Ever since I took a series of really great counterpoint classes a year ago, it just has been seeping into nearly everything I write whether I like it or not! I'm not complaining though. I suppose having my main instrument as voice helps to some extent. I can't exactly sing chords! I'm glad to hear that the orchestration came out well. I was a bit concerned, though that's a bit relieved now.

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