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Topic: Can HALion 3.1 import Kontakt 2 files?

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    Can HALion 3.1 import Kontakt 2 files?

    I want to buy KHS Emerald, and it comes in Kontakt 2 version. Does anyone know it HALion can import this files. If so, will I loose any articulations or program control?

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    Re: Can HALion 3.1 import Kontakt 2 files?

    Quote Originally Posted by fingaro
    I want to buy KHS Emerald, and it comes in Kontakt 2 version. Does anyone know it HALion can import this files. If so, will I loose any articulations or program control?
    I don´t think Halion currently can import Kontakt 2 programms. It imports Kontakt 1.5 programms but K2 is a big step forward. You will loose quite a lot as the round robin ("anti machinegun effect") won´t be translated and I think future versions of Emerald programs may also include scripts (e.g. glide scripts) which will make the library even better. Additionally you have convolution programms for K2 which will place the library into a concert hall. Again this is not transferable to Halion.

    To be honest.....I have been a longtime and happy Halion user but K2 has definitely developed to the better programm especially when you use orchestral samples or pianos. The possibilities of the scripting language are enormous, convolution is a great feature. Halion has definitely fallen back. I would advice you to get K2 (I sold my Halion 3.1 version). Additionally, you will be able to import all your Halion programms without major problems.

    Just my opinion.

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    Re: Can HALion 3.1 import Kontakt 2 files?

    Thanks for your opinion. I think, tough, I will remain with HALion. The new round robin function in K2 is in HAL since 3.0 (in alternate mode and second strike mode). I agree with you that K2 is now superior to HALion 3, but, how longer will it be? I remember when Kontakt had no multis, nor DFD. I also remember the "folder inside a program" idea, that came with HALion, or the Modulation matrix, expanded to the limits in HALion 3. The surround output configuration, announced in K2 as a new function, works in HAL since version 2. You should also remember the RAMSAVE function, originally developed by HALion and now copied by the new VSL Instrument. VSL has simply put in a fashion and clear graphic way most of the concepts that HALion has developed through years.

    I think it's time to Steinberg to develop a "script-like" function to make HALion shine again. About convolution, that's something I'm not interested in, at least inside a sampler. I like combine my sampler instruments with other virtual instruments and with real recordings of real instruments. A convolution engine inside de sampler limits me to have the same convolution reverb applied to all my mix.

    I know Steinberg should wake and update HALion to make it even better as soon as possible, but finally they'll do. An update of HALion to version 3.2 is announced, and I hope a few news from it.

    As I said at the beginning of this post, thank you very much for your opinion. I find very interestly this discussion. This way I can learn more about K2 (what I think is a very good sampler) and can also afirm my afinity to HALion.

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    Re: Can HALion 3.1 import Kontakt 2 files?

    Hi Fingaro,
    I know that Halion IS a very good sampler but ´currently there are (and maybe will be) some drawbacks.

    You´re right that halion has something similar to "round robin", but unfortunately no sample developer provides programs for Halion which have this feature preprogrammed. So far as Kontakt and Gigasampler have been established as so called "standards" you have to rely on Halion´s import abilities or the developers of translation programs such as cdxtract. I think in a long term it may kill Halion as NI have been more successfull in establishing Kontakt/Kompakt as a standard for most sample developers. And excellent libraries such as Emerald are optimised for K2 and importing it to Halion will always be the second best option.

    Convolution for reverb only is boring, you´re right. I use Wizoo´s W2 (excellent) and rarely use K2´s internal convolver for reverb. BUT........think of using convolution for piano resonance and THAT´s a really great feature. One of the major reasons to skip Halion for me as I use sampled pianos extensively.

    BTW: RAM save is called "purge samples" in K2

    Overall I think Steinberg have been reacting too slow to the market and will have a hard time to keep up to the position K2 has reached within the sampling business.

    But THIS is just an opinion as you might have guessed

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