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Topic: Skipper Goes East

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    Skipper Goes East


    New to this forum.. (btw - residing in Oslo-Norway) been playing with GPO for a couple months...

    here's a little something I made the other day:


    it's not entirely GPO - there's also some sounds from the very nice and generous Kontakt-demo that came with Computer Music mag. The start and end is GPO only - and the somewhat agressive midsection is a mix.

    it's not much - I mainly do progrock - but classical trained I like to play with ideas and stuff. I'm VERY impressed with some of the work I've listened to via this forum.

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    Re: Skipper Goes East

    WOW. I really enjoyed this. You have a strong musical voice going on here. Lovely contrasts. Beautiful evocative melodies and harmonies.
    Enjoyed it!!

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    Re: Skipper Goes East

    Hello Eivind!


    And what a fine introduction, your first piece here... this is admirably well done... fine writing, strong mix, and a very engaging and lively piece.

    I look forward to hearing much more from you!


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    Re: Skipper Goes East

    Wow!! This is excellent. Great writing and superb mix. My only comment is its too short. Welocome to the forum.
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    Re: Skipper Goes East


    A great first submission!
    I can certainly hear the level of professionalism here…

    ...I too look forward to hearing more work from you.


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    Re: Skipper Goes East


    Very pro sounding mix. Great Rhythm. Pizz. were nicely subdued.

    GPO and Synful experiments; chaos-more chaos compositions

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    Smile Re: Skipper Goes East

    well thanks guys! appreciate your comments!

    it's a very short piece - only a little something I made to test out the system - might use it for demopurposes (want to get into film)

    Been listening to some of your work. There's a lot of talent here. I'll catch up with you later.
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    Re: Skipper Goes East

    I agree, way to short. As soon as it finished I had to play it again. Your mastering sounds great. I wish I could orchestrate and master as well as you.
    Thanks for sharing this with us and welcome to the forum.
    (The Nut )


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    Re: Skipper Goes East

    Wow, this is great! I love the percussion! Great orchestration as well. Definitely too short but that's always a good sign! Great work, nice to have you join the forum!
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    Re: Skipper Goes East

    This is stunning! I like the driving energy, and of course the exotic feel of the piece. This is an excellent piece of work.
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
    My Music Site

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