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Topic: A GPO Request to Gary & Tom

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    A GPO Request to Gary & Tom

    A silly one perhaps, but...

    As a MIDI device. It has a longer name than any other devices.

    Twice as long as most.

    When I route a MIDI track's output to a GPO instance. The outputs column in Digital Performer more than doubles in width to accomodate the name. "Garritan Personal Orchestra-1-1" All the other info columns get pushed to the right and slide hidden under the tracks portion of the window.

    Could these MIDI outputs simply be called GPO in the next addition? So a MIDI channel would simply read "GPO-1-1"

    I would see more columns that way. Particularly the COMMENTS column.

    Nobody says Radio Corporation of America or British Navel Connector or National Broadcasting Company. Lets put Garritan Personal Orchestra among the greats. At least in the descriptive MIDI outputs column...

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    Re: A GPO Request to Gary & Tom

    Could it be that you are addressing your concerns to the wrong persons? I don't use Digital Performer. I don't see the problem in Sonar. Maybe the problem should be resolved by Digital Performer? But, maybe other sequencers also have the problem. Richard

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    Re: A GPO Request to Gary & Tom

    Why not just change the name of the player instance in DP to GPO? (option click on it.) Then the MIDI track names will be GPO-1, etc. Better still, name each player instance for the group of sounds it contains: GPO-strngs, GPO-ww, etc. It's also not a bad idea to take advantage of DP's new V-Rack by creating the player instances in it, and saving templates. Then multiple cues, or different versions of the same cue within the same file, can all play off the same instance(s), without using up extra RAM.


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