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Topic: Does Anybody Share his experience ?

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    Does Anybody Share his experience ?

    ... With JABB.

    I am new with Jazz Arrangements. Till now, I did Pop Arrangements and was more into Dance and Electronic Music.

    There is a Sonar 5 File from Tom, which I cannot use, because I am on Nuendo 3.

    Maybe someone out there is also on Cubase/Nuendo and likes to share his experience in constructing realistic sounding brass arrangements.

    Would be nice and helpful...

    Thank you in advance...


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    Re: Does Anybody Share his experience ?

    Hi Christian,

    I wrote a PN to you.


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    Re: Does Anybody Share his experience ?

    Christian - I created a Generic MIDI Control for Cubase and Nuendo, and have created a thread in the general tips and tricks forum (before this one was created). If you don't have a controller that will send all of the MIDI streams, you of course can draw them in or use a MIDI loopback device and the generic control on a separate track to create the data.

    As far as creating good brass arrangements - listen to good brass tunes and imitate them. It's just like learning to play an instrument - you have to listen and imitate before you can internalize and make it your own. Good luck.
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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