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Topic: JABB strings demo

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    JABB strings demo

    I recorded a tune I wrote a long time ago as a bass/guitar duo, to show what the JABB string instruments can do. To get a good "slow" acoustic bass sound it is important to maximize the decay controller and be easy on the velocity. I didn't explore any of the other controllers for the instruments.




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    Re: JABB strings demo

    I enjoyed this very much Aslak. It is nice to hear the simple beauty of the string sounds. Beautiful Bass playing too.It is good to remember the wide range of moods Jazz can capture. Agressive and swinging can be great fun.
    But sweet and contemplative, is also wonderful in a Jazz language.
    I am looking forward to your next one.

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    Re: JABB strings demo

    very relaxing!

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    Re: JABB strings demo

    Mmmmm this is sooooo nice and sexy. It's like after the company is gone, there's that wonderful relaxing stillness. More!

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    Re: JABB strings demo

    Yes, this is very nice, and I really love the guitar.

    As a guitar player, I didn't really have much interest in the guitar samples in JABB, but I've got to say this guitar sounds really sweet and has a tone that I don't quite have with any of my guitars, so I might just have to fire it up and see what happens. And it might be interesting trying to write guitar parts on a keyboard.

    Was this played in or written in?
    - Cool Tunes for Kids -

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    Re: JABB strings demo

    Thanks for all the nice words folks, I'm glad you liked it.

    I recorded both the bass and the guitar with my guitar midi controller. The bass was recorded first, with no metronome or supportive beat to make the tempo loose and relaxed. The JABB bass is programmed with +2 pitch bend range, and this is supported by my Roland GI-10 midi converter, so I could play with real vibrato and slides, which is so important for this kind of playing.

    On the other hand, the JABB guitar is programmed with +7 pitch bend range, and this is not supported by the GI-10. Because of that, the guitar is recorded without sending pitch bend information. Which again means it is not so important to tune my guitar before recording.

    There might be some way to either transform the pitch bend data from my controller (I can select between 0, +2 and +12 range) or alter the programming of the JABB, I haven't explored all these possibilities. If I want an out of tune guitar with pitch bend and vibrato I will record one of my regular guitars.

    Anyway, I just played the guitar part on top of the bass part, and did minimal adjustments to the recorded parts. (I only corrected timing that was off more then about half a beat )

    I then panned the instruments hard left and right, and used Cakewalk FX3 to put them together in a room.


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    Smile Re: JABB strings demo

    First off. . . very lovely piece! I do like the acoustic bass/guitar combo. You wrote a very lovely piece show-casing these instruments.

    One of the things that I find a major plus with the JABB bass instruments is the ability to adjust the "Fundamental intensity" and mid-range EQ's. I tend to like mid and mid-high range EQ's to be a bit more pronounced in my mixes. It's just a personal taste. I've only done one piece with JABB. But with that one piece, I did spend a considerable amount of time tinkering with these functions for the bass. Yet ANOTHER reason why I like this particular sound library.

    Again, nice job with the composition! Thank you for sharing!

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: JABB strings demo


    Sweet simplicity!

    Nicely done.


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    Re: JABB strings demo

    Great demo, has a really smooth feel

    I listened to it all the way through waiting for the samples to start, only realised after a couple of minutes that the bass & guitar were JABB samples rather than your own live recordings !

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    Re: JABB strings demo

    Being an old "stand-up" jazz bass player, I thoroughly enjoyed this. Nice job! You can't get much more realistic than this.

    Perhaps some added "scrapes" and string noise on the guitar and bass would add even more to the realism and an arco final bass note would have been wonderful.

    Keep up the fine work.


    Larry A.
    Larry G. Alexander

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