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Topic: Two TV series cues by Hicham Chahidi

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    Two TV series cues by Hicham Chahidi

    Hicham Chahidi from Brussels, Belgium has submitted two demos for your listening enjoyment:


    These two peices were made for a Belgium television series called "Par le sceptre et l'épée", directed by Eric Fagny.

    "Srudenu" was done only using GPO. The symphonic orchestra in "Le repos du guerrier" were done with GPO, the choirs are a combination between Korg programs and samples,and the voice was performed by the italian singer "Isabella Di Venosa". The lyrics are of an imaginary language.

    Hicham willl be happy to know your opinion about these work.

    Thanks Hicham for sharing your music with us.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Two TV series cues by Hicham Chahidi

    Very interesting work. Le repos du guerrier was particularly great. I hear a Middle Eastern tinge to the piece. Her vocals are splendid.

    Congratulations. I'm curious though, what kind of TV show is this?

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    Re: Two TV series cues by Hicham Chahidi

    Very nice work on these, Hicham!

    Congatulations on the television series.


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    Re: Two TV series cues by Hicham Chahidi

    I enjoyed these immensely. You did some excellent work on them and I appreciate you allowing us to hear them.
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