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Topic: online study for orchestration/film composition?

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    Question online study for orchestration/film composition?

    Hi! I'm new here and would appreciate some advice. Sorry if this has been discussed already but I found nothing with a search...

    I'm loooking for a school or a course of online study which will help me get deeper into orchestration & film composition. I"m already doing some professional media work, but I'm self taught and I'd like to get a more solid foundation which will help me when (someday!) the bigger jobs come in;-)!

    I contacted Berkely but I didn't see specific courses there which seemed what I'm looking for (I think they're more for players and record producing). I've heard good things about Music For The Media, based in the UK, but I think I'd prefer US-based schooling with an orchestral bias if possible.

    Can anyone please suggest some places I could look?

    Thanks in advance,

    Robin Richards

    PS should this maybe be in General Discussion?

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    Re: online study for orchestration/film composition?

    I don't know of any online course that get too in depth on these topics. But I can speak from experience that Berklee (in Boston) has an excellent Film Scoring department. You will study "non-Jazz" composition as well as orchestration and loads of conducting. The experience they provide in the studio is very much like the real world. The faculty either has or still does work in the industry. Finding non-Jazz players for your projects is not a problem either as it is near Boston Conservatory, New England Conservatory, Boston University, etc. - all have excellent orchestral players. If you have any specific questions about their program, please contact me.

    I have friends that went to NYU and USC. They have fine programs as well.

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    Re: online study for orchestration/film composition?

    Berklee School of Music has online courses and certification programs. These include courses on music theory, film scoring, etc.

    Here is a link:

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