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Topic: Ambience GUI in Logic 7 -- Problem

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    Ambience GUI in Logic 7 -- Problem

    Logic 7.1.1

    When I add Ambience to an insert of an Audio Instrument (running GPO) the Ambience GUI does not appear as shown in the manual. Instead, it comes up in "controls" mode (and there's no menu available to select "editor" mode). So what I'm looking at is a whole bunch of sliders and parameters.

    Does anyone else see this in Logic 7? Is there a workaround?

    Any help will be appreciated!

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    Re: Ambience GUI in Logic 7 -- Problem

    The ambience website (http://www.smartelectronix.com/~magnus/) states that the AU port does not have the GUI interface like the VST version, so indeed the look is different. Maybe if enough people send a donation to Magnus Jonsson, the creator of Ambience, there might be some motivation for the GUI version to be created.
    Personally I find the plug in has a clarity that many high priced plugin's are missing. I use it all the time.

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    Talking Re: Ambience GUI in Logic 7 -- Problem

    Thanks mxman for your reply.

    I didn't realize that Ambience was developed by a third party. I'll check out Magnus' website for sure.

    Ambience really does sound superb! But I'll probably stick with the presets for now. While I'm definitely a tweak-head, I draw the line at tweaking reverbs (other than your basic decay time, predelay, and other really basic parameters). Good thing the presets sound so great.

    Thanks for the 411.

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    Re: Ambience GUI in Logic 7 -- Problem

    I wrote to Magnus, who, sadly, informed me that he doesn't have plans to make a GUI for the AU version of Ambience. Still, it's a truly great sounding reverb.

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