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Topic: Cubase question

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    Cubase question

    Sorry to post this here, but you guys are always so helpful in these matters. I'm hoping someone has a quicker way of doing the following. I have a sketch template that I compose everything on via Sibelius. Having finished a piece I'll save it as a .mid file and important it into Cubase SX2 for further editing/recording. However when Cubase opens the midi file it resets all the outputs (e.g. GigaPC2 Port 3) and patch settings to a single default setting (GigaPC1 Port 1 and patch off). This leaves me the annoying and time consuming task of resetting all of these parameters every single time I do this step. Is there a Cubase guru out there that knows a setting I don't that will circumvent this?


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    Re: Cubase question

    The problem is that MIDI files don't include port information. The same problem happens when going from Sibelius to Sonar.

    Maybe there's an extended MIDI file format that includes this info, but I'm not aware of it. And even if it exists, I don't think Sibelius supports anything like that.


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    Re: Cubase question

    This strategy works for Sonar, so it might for cubase too: open a template file in sonar with appropriate port settings. Keeping the template file open, open the midi file as another (different) sonar project. Select all the midi, if convenient, or a few tracks at a time, copy, then paste into the first file at the appropriate tracks.

    This also a way to add a measure or a few beats space at the start of the file. My templates for a 4/4 piece usually start with a 7/4 measure 1, then a meter change on measure 2 to the normal 4/4, and with 3 extra beats rest for program changes, controller settings, latency compensation, etc.

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    Re: Cubase question

    Appreciate the help guys. You came through yet again.

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