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Topic: Samples Not Dialog. But Why?

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    Samples Not Found Dialog. But Why?

    Logic 7.1.1
    2.5G RAM
    Glyph GT050 FW drive (250G)

    Last week when I installed GPO from the 4-CD set, I set the installer to put all of the files on my external FW drive (the Glyph). Running within Logic 7.1.1, GPO instruments played without a hitch. Great!

    Then two days ago I updated to the latest version of GPO (from DL's from this site, and, if I remember correctly, I updated the player itself from NI's site). After the Garritan update files installed I got an error message saying that something-or-other didn't match (or something like that ) but I kinda blew by it and GPO (within Logic as a plug-in) seemed to work nonetheless.

    OK, so now, 2 days later, when I load various programs, I get a dialog asking for the location of various samples. I want to rectify this situation so that I don't have to answer dialogs every time I load an instrument!

    (FWIW, the only .nks files on my system live on my Glyph drive!)

    Can anyone explain what may be happening here?
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