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Topic: Jumpy CC#1 envelopes in Sonar

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    Jumpy CC#1 envelopes in Sonar

    If this has been addressed before, I apologize. I'm having intermittent problems with CC#1 envelopes to control volume. For instance, after drawing in a fast decrescendo, the mod wheel indicator on the Kontakt Player moves wildly (upon playback), causing a jagged volume effect. This is despite a very smooth envelope drawn.

    Anybody experience this, or have a solution? Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Jumpy CC#1 envelopes in Sonar

    One prime cause of that is a second track with the same channel (if you split the track up for any reason) playing its own CC1 data back. The mod wheel will literally be trying to be in two places at once. However I run into this issue too and I haven't really addressed it. My keyboard controller sends very bad data causing jumps and I have to redraw everything by hand after it goes in. But since you say you are drawing it in the first place you must have another issue.
    (I use Sonar too, btw.)

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    Re: Jumpy CC#1 envelopes in Sonar

    Well certainly there is some existing CC#1 info on the track, as the mod wheel is set to at least hear the instrument. Could that be fighting for control of the volume? Is there some way to delete all the CC#1 info before drawing a new envelope so that it is "clean?"
    Alternatively, is there a midi recording setting to record (and erase) over the existing CC#1 info (using the mod wheel) without also erasing the note info?

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    Re: Jumpy CC#1 envelopes in Sonar

    Use the eraser in the CC pane (select CC#1 and the right channel) of piano-roll view, put the zoom really high ("out") and just wipe down the length of the track (click-drag below the lowest value).

    - m
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    Re: Jumpy CC#1 envelopes in Sonar

    Thanks. I'll give it a go.

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