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Topic: Some EQing Tips

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    Some EQing Tips

    Hey guys,

    After doing a few songs I noticed thafter applying Reverb, everything in JABB sounded muffled, and so i found a good setting that is now my Big Band preset. I work in Adobe Audition, but you can mimic these setting for any EQ.

    this usually gives me a very bright, punchy sound for the Drums and Trumpets, which usually sounds good. I also raise the bottem end to give the bass little more life and volume. Hope this helps some of you wondering about EQ.

    ~Sam Ferrara~

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    Re: Some EQing Tips

    One major rule of using EQ - always subtract first before adding. Find the troublesome areas and pull them back. I like using a parametric EQ with a high Q setting to find the troublesome frequency like booming bass at certain frequencies.

    Subtracting first allows more headroom and less clipping in the audio chain. When adding EQ you must be really careful that the audio level does not go over 0 db.


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