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Topic: Live 5 - can't 'unfold device parameters' for JABB VST

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    Live 5 - can't 'unfold device parameters' for JABB VST

    When I drop JABB into a Live 5 track, no 'unfold device parameters' button appears. Consequently, I can't open the Live panel where I can map midi controllers, keys, etc. and tweak parameters. Which makes the product unusable for me.

    The other NI product I own, Express Keyboards, works as expected: you drop the device into the track. Both the control to display Kontakt player ui, and the control to 'unfold device parameters' appear.

    Anybody else using JABB with Live 5? You having better luck?

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    Re: Live 5 - can't 'unfold device parameters' for JABB VST

    GPO works the same way. I'm not sure why this option is unavailable, but I don't understand why you would consider this "unusable". There is no problem controlling GPO or JABB within Live from an external MIDI controller (whic for me is usually a Korg MicroKontrol) - you just can't use Live's mapping function to reassign controllers, so you have to set up external MIDI hardware to send the correct CC#s.

    If you don't have a MIDI controller with enough knobs/faders to control all of JABB/GPO functions in real-time, it is still possible to draw in controller envelopes manually for any CC using the pencil tool.


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