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Topic: RIP Richard Pryor, you *******, *****, *****

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    RIP Richard Pryor, you *******, *****, *****

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    I loved that mother~~~~er. Hate to see him go, but I know he was trapped in a body that had become very difficult to live in.

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    Re: RIP Richard Pryor, you *******, *****, *****

    And Eugene McCarthy.

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    Re: RIP Richard Pryor, you *******, *****, *****

    Well he had been hangin on for a loooong time.

    Live at the Sunset Strip is priceless.


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    Re: RIP Richard Pryor, you *******, *****, *****

    That's it- I'm watching Blazing Saddles tonight.

    (Yes, I know he wasn't in Blazing Saddles but he wrote that part and it should have been him in it.)

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    Re: RIP Richard Pryor, you *******, *****, *****

    A true American Hero.

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    Re: RIP Richard Pryor, you *******, *****, *****

    I think you might be disappointed by Blazing Saddles, Fred. We watched it a few months ago, and it really doesn't stand up. Most comedy doesn't stand up to time, although Young Frankenstein and The Producers do.

    But all the racial jokes in Blazing Saddles, the fart jokes - that stuff just isn't funny 20 years later.

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    Re: RIP Richard Pryor, you *******, *****, *****

    Anyone ever see Pryor in Blue Collar? Pretty good actor when he could be arsed.

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