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Topic: Ive returned!

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    Ive returned!

    Hello all!

    It was about time for me to write something here, after almost a year of silence (heh)

    Im posting 2 GPO renderings of a couple of works I presented as final exam for my theory class.

    Binaria: This work is a basic binary form (the subject we were treating at that moment in class), written for piano and violin. The melody has some gipsy-like feeling, accompanied by an agrrrrresive piano the form is very, very simple... that was the idea, I guess.

    Tema_Var: A Theme with 7 variations and a theme reprise at the end, written for a string quartet (violin, viola, cello, counterbass), also for the same class. As a primary requisite, one of the variations had to be a canon for 2 voices with a free one. I took a chance and wrote a 4 part canon which is the 3rd variation. The 1st variation had some tremolo on the violin and viola, but I couldnt find tremolo in the GPO solo strings, so I had to use the "section string tremolo" (Hope you dont mind).

    Please feel free to post your comments about this 2 humble attempts of music writing. Of course, still a loooong road ahead, of composition, orchestration and language-style search.

    The files are in zip format, since I cant upload mp3 in the space I have.

    Binary form:


    Theme with variations:


    Thanks a lot, see you in the chat
    Jos Miguel Serrano

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    Re: Ive returned!

    You need to check into the possibility of putting your music on one of the many free sites on the internet that allows the streaming of mp3 files instead of asking people to download your zip files. I don't believe that you will have many responses unless you do.


    Larry A.
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Ive returned!

    I enjoyed your pieces, especially Bineria. Great dynamics for both the string instrument and the piano! I'm sure it would sound great with the solo strad. Very catchy melody as well, I love it!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
    My MP3s | My Melody Generator | my album
    "serious music" ... as if the rest of us are just kidding

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    Re: Ive returned!

    Thanks for the comments, Larry and Sean.

    Ive thought of that possibility, Larry, however theres a problem (I consider it that way). In those sites (Ive posted non-classical stuff in Iuma and in... er... heheh right now I forgot) ANYONE has acces to the files. Id prefer that EVERYONE, not ANYONE can listen. I mean, I love that the GPO community listen to those files and comment. but in those sites, dont know about music, or dont care about the process Im going through, as the GPO does, and maybe I wont get the best of advices as I do get here.

    Now, if you know if one of those sites has a "private" option, a link only accesible from a post, but that I wont appear in search boxes, please let me know, so only the people i care about can access and comment.

    (hmmm dont know if I wrote it in a way it is understandable, or if I made myself clear, hopefully I did)

    Now, and depending on money of course, Im thinking on buying a web hosting plan... hopefully Ill be able to do so soon.

    -*now that I think of it... a weird and maybe impossible idea, but... how about a free mp3-streaming hosting for GPO projects? well, yes. the bandwidth would be a matter, of course... but... er... anyway. heres the idea-*

    Anyway, and again, thanks a lot for the advice and the comment!
    Jos Miguel Serrano

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    Re: Ive returned!


    Forma Binaria is enjoyable to listen to. Very spry and I liked the interplay between violin and piano.

    Theme with variations is just superb. Excellent string writing. I liked how you articulated the strings and the use of pizz and marcato was very good.

    I uploaded the mp3s on the GPO site.
    Here are direct links to the mp3s for Jose's music



    Hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Ive returned!

    Jose, fine technical execution of Binaria -- highly realistic, with the attention you paid to the nuances and dynamics. Not to mention a well written piece.

    The Variaciones are wonderful! This is string writing at its best, Jose. I listened through this piece several times, with much admiration for both the writing and the execution.

    I am most impressed with the sheer musicality of both the pieces and the performances, Jose!

    More, please!


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    Re: Ive returned!

    Thanks a lot Gary and David!! Thanks specially to Gary for posting the mp3. Hopefully these will be the last mp3 that Gary has to host, due to my hosting problem... (still working on it) and thanks a lot for the comments. the kind that lifts my mood up, when I have doubts on what Im doing. David, Im preparing a couple of off-the-homeworks material, but dont know when will they be done.

    Btw, David... I was reading your bio on your site, You did study with Hovhannes? Ive been trying to find some of his music, cause what Ive heard... I like a lot! How was like studying with him?
    Jos Miguel Serrano

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    Re: Ive returned!

    Quote Originally Posted by _Keol
    Btw, David... I was reading your bio on your site, You did study with Hovhannes? Ive been trying to find some of his music, cause what Ive heard... I like a lot! How was like studying with him?
    Yes, I studied briefly with Maestro Hovhaness. I met with him for a few hours on a number of occasions, many years ago [1973?] when he was in Bridgeport (Connecticut) for a week-long festival of his music, and later, if I recall, in either Hartford, Boston, or New York... but he left a very powerful and lasting imprint on my musical thought.

    The technical aspects of our talks (he was not easy to talk to; at least to me, very distant and pre-occupied, almost self-effacing, and tremendously recursive) have long been subsumed into the morass that is my memory.

    But the spirit of the man has stayed with me. Bar none, he was undoubtedly the purest, most deeply honest musician and composer I have ever had the privilege of knowing. I have striven ever since to emulate him in that.

    May I suggest http://www.hovhaness.com/hovhaness.html for more on the Maestro.

    As for his music, it is widely available [Hovahness was quite prolific, with more than 500 works catalogued]. Even Amazon has quite a good selection.


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