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Topic: New GS3 User....which Orchestral Library?

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    New GS3 User....which Orchestral Library?

    I have my RME 9652 and GS3 Orchestral Software....been saiving up for computer and will probably take the plung a month or so after Christmas (Thanks for the computer topics!) and want to launch into a library. Which ones are the contenders in this arena. I want to do top notch stuff but would also like to know about any "killer" values to be had.

    Any tips on must have's for the library would be greatly appreciated as well!


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    Re: New GS3 User....which Orchestral Library?

    Whats your budget for a library?


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    Re: New GS3 User....which Orchestral Library?


    ...what do you want to do with it (orchestral, pop, what?)
    ...what is your skill level
    ...what kind of sound do you like (wet, dry, "Hollywood", etc.)

    Not to be harsh but this forum is one huge resource to answer that question and it has been posed many times. Check out that search button and read up.

    In the end you'll get 1,000 opinions, a flame war will start and you'll realize the simplest thing to do would have been to go to developer pages and listen to demos like the rest of us

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    Re: New GS3 User....which Orchestral Library?

    Maybe my question is to vague....which I did not realize but I shall pursue going and listening to samples at some of the sites.

    My previous music making machine was a Roland XP-80 and so the answers to what kind of sounds do I have available were obvious since the choices were so limited. I shall read some of the posts and try and hone in on samples specific to the GS library.

    As far as skill level...I'm pretty good with a bow staff

    Seriously I'm not to sure how to answer. I found myself watching the violin players at church much closer this morning to get a better idea of what the bow is doing during certain passages. I know that I woudn't use a 101 string pad for an arppegio and I imagine there would be a much more intense feeling using all down strokes and opposed to economy picking one string on a guitar and so....using a staccato patch for 32nd notes might sound more intense than alternating between up and down patches....but that is me just translating my guitar experience to violin programming so.....I have a lot to learn.

    I know I may never program a solo instrument as well as somebody playing it live....in fact...here's a song I did with a killer cello player.

    Mrs. Andrews

    If I could program that it would be sensational....but I had nothing to do with the notes played on the cello. It was all him.

    My budget is pretty low so any budget ideas for orchestral might be nice. I guess Hollywood stuff's would be my genre maybe. I love movie music and would like to do a Christmas album. I have done an amount of rock/pop recording and really want the Giga to do drum's with. As well as anything else I did with my XP-80...from World Music to Orchestral.

    Thanks for any tried and true recommendations!

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    Re: New GS3 User....which Orchestral Library?

    Weeeell... for low budget and orchestral sounds probably the first three things you want to check out are Garritan GPO, EWQL Silver or Gold, and recently Kirk Hunter's Emerald and Sapphire libs. GPO doesn't use GS3- it's a self contained library. I think EWQL is the same. The Kirk Hunter lib uses Giga.
    Another great option are the VSL libs but they cost a lot more. BUT since they are about to have a huge update the old packages will probably come way down.

    I was in the same boat as you last year and I went with Garritan Orchestral Strings and SAM horns, both of which I love and have had great results with. But GOS is about to be totally phased out in favor of a newer version of GPO (which will incorporate some SAM sounds) so it's considered outdated. I don't regret having it though, and it does take advantage of GS3.

    For a little more money (but less than VSL) I would also take a serious look at Sonic Implants. i couldn't afford it at the time but I like the sound a lot and they've recently released new products.

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    Re: New GS3 User....which Orchestral Library?

    Get the Emerald library from Kirk Hunter. www.kirkhunter.com. Your won't fail with this choice. It's very cheap (now there is an offer: 249 $ plus the gift of the violines section from the upcoming chamber strings) and it sounds genial (listen to the demos in the website). They comes in GS and Kontatk format, so can match perfectly your needs. Look also to other posts in this forum about the same library.

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    Re: New GS3 User....which Orchestral Library?

    it sounds as if vsl opus 1 might be a good compromise between budget and quality. there is a 35% off sale until january 6th. sweetwater has it for a little less ($640).

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    Re: New GS3 User....which Orchestral Library?

    Thanks for the solid advice peeps!


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    Re: New GS3 User....which Orchestral Library?

    Kirk Hunters stuff sounds awesome.....very excited. Feel fortunate about getting into sampling at this point!

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