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Topic: Mixing Gigastudio with virtual instruments

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    Mixing Gigastudio with virtual instruments

    Hi folks. I have a question. I have Gigastudio and I am just starting to get a little accustomed to it. I have a pretty powerful dedicated machine for it (at least until I start using Sonar). My real question is how do I integrate, if at all, products that come with, let's say, a built in Kontakt player. Can I just run both of them stand-alone? How would midi work, just assign some midi channels to one product and some to the other?

    I could use a conceptual explanation.

    Thanks ....... Rob

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    Re: Mixing Gigastudio with virtual instruments

    In theory you are correct that you can run both of them at once. However, most people who try to run GS at the same time as K2 fail dismally as GS does not like to share...!


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