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Topic: Editing pitchbend, breath control etc

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    Editing pitchbend, breath control etc

    Hi folks

    Just received my JABB. Some nice sounds, that's for sure. But I'm a little confused about the editing capabilities: maybe I'm missing something? For example, I would like to reduce the pitchbend range on a trombone from the preset 6 semitones to a more manageable 2--how would I do that? Also, I'd like to try out a breath controller on various parameters--where would I assign it? There is a pull-down menu in the editor that defaults to 'Velocity' and lists several other items including Breath--there's a horizontal slider but it seems to have no effect. And I can't see this slider described in the manual. Am I being dense here?

    And hey, after spending several hundred bucks on JABB I'm praying that the answer is not "You need to upgrade to the full version of Kontakt!" The basic editing functionality I'm looking for is typical on any modern plug-in, even the free and cheap ones.


    Thomas Dolby

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    Re: Editing pitchbend, breath control etc

    You don't say if you are using JABB in sequencing or notation. Most sequencers have the ability to change one type of incoming MIDI data to another type (e.g. cc2 to cc1.) This allows you to use a wind controller while still recording cc1 data to the actual track. Some sequencers use plugins (like the ones developed by Markleford) to modify incoming data using the MFX standard.

    The assignable slider in the player is not active in the standard version of JABB (we would have explained it in the manual if it was.) Like GPO, at some point we will probably be creating an "X-Custom" version of JABB which will activate the assignable slider in the player to give the user the ability to choose different controllers in place of cc1. The initial version of the library does not use that feature because there are issues involved in its use (and in the programming) that make it better to offer as an option later on rather than as a standard feature.

    The Kontakt player does not have the ability to adjust the pitchbend range setting. We hope Native Instruments will make changes in the future to give this control to users but that remains to be seen. At present, the only way to get at those settings is by editing in the full version of Kontakt.


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