I'm not a hugely technical user - but have been playing for years and am very enthusiastic. So do be gentle with me!!

I'm running Cubase SL (on the basis I understand it and like it- changing to something else scares me!), have a Mackie Onyx desk (with Firewire) and a Motif keyboard. All was well until I recently discovered the wonderful world of VST's. I kicked off with Stylus RMX to play with and have now added BFD Drums, Elektrik Piano (?) which is a Rhodes sound and the Spectrasonics bass module (I forget the name).

But it now sounds terrible!! Lot's of crackling - I think I've run out of RAM (I have over 200GB of disc space and 1GB of RAM). I'm going to expand the RAM to 4GB, will this fix the problem? What do you all run at? Most VST's seem to need 512MB of RAM

Final question - I really enjoy the Mackie desk firewire/soundcard - because it's soooo easy to use. So I have abandoned the Emu Sound Card I bought - is this being foolish or would you say that the Mackie sound card is just as good or better than an Emu?

This Forum seems to be the only place on the planet where people actually know what they're talking about! Even the retailers find it hard to explain the technology. I would be very grateful for your thoughts and observations.