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Topic: Another More Traditional Christmas Song

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    Another More Traditional Christmas Song

    This resulted from a song I heard at my daughter's church Christmas musical about twenty years ago so i'm not really sure if the two tunes are that similar but the feel is about the same. I add a second voice and then a classic Chritmas melody, some effect bells and give it an intro and an ending.


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    (Phillip is opening the doors of the other world he visited during daydreaming...?)

    I like music coming from past and memory, where existing and creation mix up in something new.

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    Re: Another More Traditional Christmas Song

    It reminds me of "Grandfather's Clock"

    It was bought on the morn of the day that he was born,
    And was always his treasure and pride.

    I love that song

    Great work! Very catchy melody and wonderful harmonies. The harpsichord sounds great. Well done.
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