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Topic: Contract for animated series

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    Contract for animated series

    im about to work for a company i have done a few small jobs for. I will be in charge of all things audio for an upcoming animated series. These guys are known to pay late. I would like to have a legit contract with them for this next project. I have worked out with them a budget per episode and they have agreed to pay that ammount at the beggining of each episode. Alot of the work will be done upfront before episode 1. So i want to make sure to have something in writing before we start this.
    Any suggestions (for a contract btw the 2 of us?) i mean....anything online i can use as a template or guideline or starting point?
    thanks for any help.

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    Re: Contract for animated series

    Check out here : http://www.gcfc.ca/model_en.html

    You got a walk through each clauses. I think it's a great starting point.

    Hope it help!
    Francois Jolin

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