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Topic: Sonar 4 Demo - Setting up GPO

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    Sonar 4 Demo - Setting up GPO

    I have downloaded and installed the demo version of Sonar 4 Producer. Despite following Paul Giangregorio's 'Using Garritan Personal Orchestra with Sonar' tutorial I cannot find how to set up VST instruments.

    I have loaded the PersonalOrchestraVST.dll into the Sonar Shared Plugins Folder.

    I have tried a demo of Cubase SX and set up VST instruments perfectly and loaded my Garritan patches into the Kontakt player and everything works.

    I want to 'try-before-buy' both Cubase and Sonar to see which works best for me but so far Sonar is a no-go.

    Can any Sonar user help me to set up GPO with basic easy to follow steps so I can demo Sonar?

    Many thanks.
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    Re: Sonar 4 Demo - Setting up GPO

    Did you run the Sonar VST-wrapper program? It wraps your DXi's with a VST wrapper that makes it look like and function like a VST. Maybe you have to have the full version of Sonar for this? I have full Sonar and I can run all VSTi's and DXi's.

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