I have been trying Cubase SX2 (demo version) with GPO and set everything up OK. I loaded my instrument patches into Kontakt player, mixed a demo piece and saved everything. When I reopened my file, the music and all the mixer settings were as I had set them but to get my mix back I had to reopen the Kontakt player and reset the Mod wheel which had moved back to zero. I then had to 'nudge' the Mod wheel for each individual instrument before my mix was 'right' again.

In addition, having got the balance as I want it when the music is playing, if I repeat music, even straight after playing it through, I find that I have to nudge some of the mixer sliders to get the sound as I had set it for the previous play-through.

Am I doing something wrong or am I missing some 'Save' feature somewhere or is this a bug presently in the Kontakt player (or possibly in my SX2 demo version of Cubase)?