Ok, guys, what the mocha Frap is this:

This morning I accidentally dumped my audio files for the orchestra piece I am working on. I proceeded to load them all back into my GPO STudio (I am working with Sibelius), and when it got to my percussion I loaded the patch called "Basic Orch Perc Combo", which is what I assumed I had used. Then my triangle decides not to play back (the percussion instrument "triangle" mind you).

I did some troubleshooting and realized that there was no triangle sound on the "Basic Orch Perc Combo" file, so I opened an old set of orchestral files and find that the patch I had used before, (which DOES have a triangle sound) is called "Basic Orch Percussion".

Now the LOAD button does not give me an option to load this patch, but because it apparently has been loading everytime I use this GPO studio file, I must have it. What do I do to get THIS patch to load, so that my triangle is available?